Wood floor instalation London

Wood floor instalation London

Solid Walnut Floor Fitting in Twickenham including joists and battens levelling ,creating a plywood subfloor before fitting wood flooring.

Correct subfloor preparation with hardwood floor installation is the single most important part of the job. If the previous flooring has been installed parallel to the floor joists, there may be some additional movements within the floor. These fluctuations are much more noticeable in solid floors. In this case we needed to correct different floor heights because the old floor which has been replaced had several areas that was not the same level. Also, the house owner asked us to match the height of the timber wood with the kitchen tiles.

solid floor fitting and leveling

This is where the battens and joists are fixed to the levelled concrete and the hardwood floor is nailed down to the battens in hallway.

hardwood floor instalation - finished

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