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Prices are NOT subject to VAT !  We do not charge VAT and have no hidden prices, which can make a difference to final bill.


Flooring installation whether floating, nailed or glued down to the ground base. Flooring installation price includes installation of underlay.

Please note: We supply all own materials such as professional floor adhesive  at extra cost. (we suggest SIKA)

Installation price is ‘from’ because the final installation cost  can be told only after visual inspection of the worksite by our specialists.

Therefore, do not be afraid to arrange an appointment as it will not carry any obligation to book us just because we did the inspection

From £25

Fitting skirting boards (1 linear meter)

From £15

Self levelling screed or latex (labour cost only) Plywood  4-18mm sub-floor installation ( sq meter-fitting cost only)

£ 15 /sq m

£ 15/ sq m

Fitting of beadings (1 linear meter)

From £7


Revitalizing floor  , floor screening (buffing) and varnishing 3 coats

From £ 30 / sq m 

Sanding and 3 coats of high-traffic lacquer/varnish

From £ 35 / sq m

Sanding and 2 coats of Hardwax Oil finish

From £ 35 / sq m

Gap filling with sawdust/resin 

£ 8 / sq m

Gap filling between the boards using reclaimed pine slivers &  Lecol resin filler

From £ 25 / sq m

Fireplace hearth removal and refitting using reclaimed boards or blocks

From £300

To change reclaimed pine boards (per linear meter)

From £15

Stairs: Paint stripping ,sand, fill  and seal (per step)

From £65 / per 1 tread 

Staining  / per sq meter


Carpet removal and disposal (per room)

Carpet removal only including gripper rods (per room)

£ 60 

£ 30

White washed (limed floor)  or  distressing an existing wood floor

From £20 /sq m

Wire brush distressing floor

 From £25 /sq m

Our minimum charge is applicable for following services :
Wood floor renovation - £ 550
Wood floor installation - £ 450
Floor repairs (full day rate) - from £ 300


Pricing for our wood flooring services is based on the size of your floors in square meters, as this defines the time required to complete the requested services. In some cases, however, larger areas can be completed quicker, while smaller and more irregularly shaped areas will take longer. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly to reflect this.

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  • Eric Noch in Surbiton, Surrey, UK on Houzz
  • Eric Noch in Surbiton, Surrey, UK on Houzz
  • Eric Noch in Surbiton, Surrey, UK on Houzz
  • Eric Noch in Surbiton, Surrey, UK on Houzz
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