Refinishing and White washing old oak floor in Esher - Surrey

Refinishing and White washing old oak

The premium finishes such as staining floor requires skilled craftsmen - we stain and white wash the floors on a regular basis. Once the floor sanding is complete either a stain can be applied to the timber or a white tinted polyurethane applied to create a white wash effect

Refinishing and White washing floor

Whitewashed wooden floors creates a unique look and feel in any environment .It allows some wood grain and colour to show through with the result being a soft, almost hazy white layer. This prevents the floor from having a sterile , too white look that painting a floor a solid white would have.

When contemplating floor whitewashing, remember there is more than just one white - Consider if you are trying to create a cool white or a warm white as the whitewash can be slightly tinted to achieve either look.

Refinishing old oak floor

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