We are wood floor professionals who deliver superior craftsmanship, service and integrity. Our priority is to provide you with the highest quality products and offer professional service. We strive to provide you with a convenient and a hassle free experience. We guarantee our highest standard! Wood floor services we offer:

 Floor sanding and refinishing

A total refinish may be needed when worn or base spots begin to appear, scratches are noticeable ,colour or sheen change is desired. We use German Lagler machines for our sanding contracts. These world famous machines were specifically designed to maximise dust collection. Our skilled team can restore your existing floor to its original condition. Even extensive repairs can be executed in such a way as to make them indistinguishable from the surrounding floor. If your floors have large gaps between the planks we can also fill them as part of the sanding process. We will use some of the clean, finer sawdust created by the sanding, mix it with resin, and use this mixture to fill the gaps. For larger gaps 5mm and more we always recommend to use strips of reclaimed pine and other timbers are glued ,forced into the gaps and chiselled before start sanding floor .

Floor fitting and parquet design

Nothing enhances the look of a home as quickly as hardwood flooring. If your floor is looking tired from being sanded one too many times or planks are buckling and nail heads are poking through ,it is likely time for a replacement . Every aspect of the process from sub-floor preparation, installation, finishing touches and ongoing maintenance is dealt with in a truly professional manner Our team of professionals are specializing in supply, floor preparation and installation of wood flooring, including: Solid & Engineered hardwood flooring, laminate floor ,engineered floating floor . We provide all types of parquet floor installation and also supply and install floor medallions and borders for truly unique finish . Parquet flooring is laid on site. Each piece of square edged flooring is glued and pinned in the design of your choice. The floor is then sanded and finished with either a lacquer, oil or stain to protect the floor and enhance the beauty of the wood We offer a professional and completely Free no obligation measuring, estimating, planning and design service .All work is carried out by team of highly skilled fitters and is warranted for a minimum period of 12 months. We can help you select flooring materials and the: nailed down, glued appropriate installation or floating.

 Stairs sanding and renovation

If you have a staircase with carpet over plywood construction, the treads and risers can be replaced with hardwood or pine. This may be stained and finished to match an existing floor or balustrade. Existing old pine or hardwood staircases can be repaired as necessary, sanded, stained and refinished to return them to their original beauty.

 Initial subfloor preparation

This is an important step, that you cannot overlook. Sub-floor preparation requires the following phases : -check surface for flatness. To ensure a beautiful and flat appearance from your wood floor finished surface, correct any uneven areas, whether they're low or high spots ,before starting your hardwood floor installation. For the concrete sub-floor uneven areas we use an levelling compound or flexible latex. Correcting low and high spot is important step ,especially for laminate floor, engineered floating floor or glue down flooring installation. This will allow these type of flooring to sit firmly tight on the subfloor which will prevent the wood flooring from separating, squeaking and many others problems. -stop and prevent squeaks. Squeaks are most likely caused from a loose sub-floor .We use screws or rounded nails to secure existing floorboards or plywood into the joists to eliminate them and have peace and quiet. -check for moisture .Test surfaces by using a moisture meter over any area you have applied levelling compound or latex .Especially over concrete or areas built over crawl spaces Save time and money preventing costly rework and repairs to your new hardwood floor.

Wood floor repairs

The beauty of a wooden floor is that it grows in character as it ages. However, sometimes due to neglect or natural wear and tear, the wood needs a little extra attention to restore it to former glory. Especially if the floor has not been revealed for many years Inspection, repair and preparation is required before any floor can be sanded. Our service includes Floor board repair - matching wood types using reclaimed timber Floor board replacement -we will source reclaimed wood to match existing boards Joist repair - replacement of rotten joists with treated timber Relaying floors - complete floors laid, choice of woods available Replacement parquet wood blocks- we lay or repair reclaimed parquet blocks ,we fix all loose parquet blocks during the renovation process. We also remove fireplace hearths and other concrete areas and replace with an appropriate floor.

Wire brushed wood floor

This service is available for your existing wood floor .The wire brush treatment gives timber floors a very unique look and texture. Overall effect of the wire brush technique is to highlight the natural richness of the wood by opening up the grain and showing off a rich antique weathered wood. The wire brushed wood flooring finish is growing in popularity due to its 'old world' or European look and feel. Both engineered and solid wood flooring can have a wire brushed finish, meaning that the wood is brushed by machine or done by hand using a wire brush. Wire brushed hard wood flooring comes in a variety of colours from White Washed Oak to Cognac and Espresso colour. No matter the style of your home, you can always find the proper finish to compliment any room or décor.

White washed wood floor

The technique of white washing flooring has been around for ages but has only become a popular style and design trend in recent years. White washing works by applying a diluted paint solution ,white oil or white stain directly on to your solid wood or engineered floor. This will brighten the overall appearance of the wood and highlight the grain creating a rustic and weathered look. White washing, also known as lime washing was originally done to brighten up and revamp old tired floors when the funds were not available to replace them. Nowadays, the popularity and demand for this style of flooring is on the rise and you can now have your wood flooring pre-finished in this style such as our own recommended Golden Oak Brushed and White UV Lacquered and the Oak Smoked Brushed and White Oiled. 

Wood floor finishes

Finishing wood floors is essential in order that the wood floor is protected from dirt , scratches and stains. The most used wooden floor finishes today are varnish (lacquer ) and oil. We use only professional wood floor finishes from Bona ,Junckers , Blanchon and Osmo Hardwax Oil to ensure that you have a highest quality hardwood floor finish. Oils are preferred for finishing wood floors if you are looking for a more rustic ,natural ,non-slip floor. Staining is an excellent way to change the look of hardwood flooring without losing the natural beauty and character of the wood floors. If you wish your floor darker that it is natural colour a stain will need to be applied in between sanding and varnishing the floor . We can also lime floor washing or whitewashing floorboards creates an effect of weathered ,bleached wood.

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Recent Work

Refinishing and White washing old oak floor in Esher –Surrey

Refinishing and White washing old oak

The premium finishes such as staining floor requires skilled craftsmen - we stain and white wash the floors on a regular basis. Once the floor sanding is complete either a stain can be applied to the timber or a white tinted polyurethane applied to create a white wash effect


Oak parquet floor restoration in Godalming - Surrey

See our video - this herringbone pattern oak blocks were repaired partially, reglued down to the concrete subfloor. The gaps between the blocks were then filled using premixed fine dust from the sanding process to match best colour compare to existing oak blocks.


Distressed oak floor installation in London

Distressed oak floor installation in London

Distressed oak floor installation over the concrete floor. Read more about White washed floor & wire brush distressed wood floor